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Improved User Adoption
• Increases sales team efficiency
• Improves customer support
• Enhances overall organization productivity
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• Identifies potential problems early
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• Increases communication
• Enhances customer retention
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Are you a candidate for Cowry Solutions' CRM RESCUE?
Is your system broken, or is it down?
Disrupting sales and service operations is the last thing you want to deal with when running a successful, fast-paced business. That's why a knowledgeable, professional team from Cowry Solutions understands industry best practices, how the system should work, and what to do immediately to get back online makes all the difference.
Missing information

Did you think your original CRM provider integrated your system, but now discover you are missing vital information?

For example, the information did not move over correctly – invoices get paid, but that information doesn't show in CRM, so the sales team is unaware of the latest status. 

Unreliable information can cause bottlenecks and waste time for all departments. Cowry Solutions understands how to enable Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and Customer Engagement (CRM) to work seamlessly together.

Too Much Information

Do your salespeople complain that it takes them a long time to enter an opportunity or update an activity? 

If information is too difficult to enter, your sales team, with higher priorities like closing business, won't update the system. If the screens have too many fields, it becomes cumbersome to enter anything.

Cowry Solutions specializes in fine-tuning and simplifying CRM processes for efficiencies. 


Are you growing fast and concerned that the system can't keep up? Are available reports too limited to show to new salespeople? Can you easily add new price lists? 

As masters of CRM reporting, Power Apps, and Power BI, the Cowry Solutions team can ensure you have the reports at your fingertips to keep up with customer demand. We can add improvements that will meet the challenges of growth. 

Lack of Training

Did you start with training on your CE/CRM and thought it was enough? Now the gaps are showing. 

Employees leave, change positions, new employees join the organization, and some passed-down knowledge gets diluted. And it doesn't stop there. Like a snowball rolling down a hill gaining speed and volume, the issues loom larger. When employees lack training, errors pile up, and the resulting inaccurate reports cause everyone to lose confidence and trust in the system. 

Cowry Solutions' knowledge and expertise can empower your employees to feel confident in the information and not only rely on CE/CRM but see the value and become fans.

Employee Turnover

What happens when a key employee leaves and takes all the knowledge they had in their head with them? 

How can you recover if a previous employee made inaccurate changes to the system and no one knows how to fix it? 

Here's where Cowry Solutions' professionals can help. We live and breathe Microsoft Dynamics CE/CRM. We have never met a CRM problem we couldn't fix. Our team members are highly-skilled, and we solve the most challenging business problems quickly.

Poor User Adoption

Are you having difficulty inspiring your employees to use CE/CRM? 

That is understandable. No one wants to do extra work if they don't see the benefit. If your system is generic and doesn't match the organization's strategic goals, few will invest time in keeping it up-to-date and accurate. 

We empower your staff to get more work done efficiently by matching their processes to clear business goals. Our professionals are CE/CRM advocates who love what they do and constantly look for ways to simplify work efforts.

Bring your
CRM to life.
Fully optimize your CRM, making it more reliable and effective than ever before.
Unlock Performance
Assess pain points and prioritize systematic solutions to operate your CRM at full potential.
Establish Structure & Vision
Build a CRM plan to improve customer relationships, define business benchmarks, and obtain clearer data analysis.
Increase Efficiency
Make your sales team more effective with prioritizing sales and conversions within your CRM processes.
Scale Effortlessly
Establish a plan for scaling that is flexible with customer demand.
Transition Seamlessly
Avoid issues with employee turnover with processes for CRM information management.
Organize Reporting
Create proper connections for the exchanging of data for clearer reporting and data in and out of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.
Competitive pricing. Rapid time to value.
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Step 2
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Step 3
Deliver & Train
We’ll implement your updated Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, train your team to operate it, and provide your business with ongoing support.
Top 6 Reasons Your CRM Needs Rescuing:
Underperformance that creates more problems than it solves.
Adoption issues that leave your users underutilizing your service.
No vision that sets benchmarks and goals for growth.
Limited resources that hinder results and staff capabilities.
Growing pains from limited functionality with your CRM.
Slow results from inefficient CRM processes and systems.
Live training designed with your team in mind.
With your business now equipped with a freshly optimized CRM, Cowry Solutions will guide your team with specialized training to help make every future step a success.
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