Cowry Solutions
A Microsoft Backed Venture

Cowry Solutions was started with a simple mission – To help businesses do more with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. We do this in a variety of ways including direct end-customer engagement, partner fulfillment and though-leadership. With over 20 years of working with Microsoft helping to position, implement and support Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, we work closely with the Microsoft organization including field sellers, technical sellers and helping to shape corporate initiatives and go-to-market strategies. 

In 2022, Cowry Solutions became an official Microsoft backed venture which provides us with enhanced tools, resources and guidance to better align our organizations with our combined missions. 

We are honored with the designation and grateful for our continued partnership.

Thought Leadership

Whether it’s through our frequent blog articles, authorship or consistent conference speaking sessions, Cowry Solutions continues to provide thought leadership in not just how to enable businesses to work and do more with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, but other related topics as well such as Relationship Management, product stack interoperability and related IP products.

As a passionate supporter of working with and supporting partners (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft), Cowry Solutions has created tools and models for rapid implementation that guarantee high levels of success that are unique to Cowry Solutions. 

As is common with software, it is a challenge to constantly stay ‘ahead of the curve’. It is for this reason that we annually allocate internal time and hours towards learning, certification and meeting with Microsoft to ensure that can not only understand what’s coming and how it might impact our customers, but provide guidance as to what we see working and ways to make changes and product improvements.

Product Roadmap Insight

Knowing and understanding the product roadmap is crucial to delivering a high standard of quality and value to end customers. 

A few years ago, a customer explicitly stated the desire for a feature that they absolutely must have in the product. We sat down together so we could better understand what they were looking to do, and realized that what they wanted was coming as a product enhancement FOR FREE from Microsoft if they were willing to wait approximately 90 days (the planned release date). The customer was absolutely willing to do this as we were able to save them their budgeted amount for the feature (approximately $30,000) and they were able to shift their focus to other areas allowing for their team to grow and expand.

Since the product roadmap is constantly updated, we devote time and effort to ensure that can pass the value of it to our customers so they don’t have to.