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You look like us. We’re a project-based professional services company and so we know precisely the issues you are going through. Poor visibility of project profitability. Unsure of what and when to invoice. And the finance team struggles to calculate Work In Progress (WIP). We’ve seen all of these issues before and we were determined to solve them – for us and our professional services customers.

That’s why we developed our comprehensive, integrated solution – Lightning for Professional Services. This solution comes in three variants – Essentials, Premium and Enterprise – each addressing a typical set of requirements.

At the heart of Lightning for Professional Services lies Dynamics Business Central. But, depending on the variant you choose, we have layered in extensive project management capabilities, expenses management and a comprehensive set of dashboards, reports and analytics. In essence, everything you need to have a single solution for running your professional services business – from quote to cash.



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Our Approach

At the beginning of each project, we need to get your financials migrated into Dynamics Business Central. We use the same proven Lightning approach that we employ for our non-professional services customers.

Following that, and depending on which variant you choose, we continue using our Lightning methodology to roll out the project management, expenses, inventory and analytics components. At each stage, we will be guiding you through the setup and training key users along the way.

At the end of the project, you and your team will be comfortable with your new system and processes.

Finance Users will be able to:

Handle invoicing

Reconcile bank accounts

Instantly calculate WIP

Account for VAT (it’s MTD compatible)

Report on cashflow, budgets, profit & loss, balance sheet, etc.

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Project Managers will be able to:

Produce project quotes

Allocate resources

Approve time & expenses

Track project budgets

Recommend billing

Allocate inventory

What our customers think:

“Having a project management solution that is embedded with our accounts has cut out a load of manual processes and increased our profitability. We also have much better visibility of where we are financially with each project.” 

Steve W., Operations Director

“Cowry’s Lightning methodology is a breath of fresh air. It’s interactive, we learnt quickly and the project was much lower cost than other quotes we received.”

Alice B., Financial Controller


Are we right for each other?

Customers who work with us typically:

Have multiple projects and many resources in play at any one time.

Are looking to grow.

Are frustrated about the disjointed nature of their systems.

Feel that they need better project and financial reporting and analytics.

Recognise that they are going to have to invest to take their systems to the next level.

We understand you. We’re a professional services organisation ourselves. So we know what it’s like to be frustrated with disjointed systems. At the lack of visibility. Or the inability to bill directly from projects.

Microsoft Project plus Sage (as an example) didn’t cut it for us. We doubt whether it’s cutting it for you either.


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