Benefits of a Strong Sales Methodology

Benefits of a Strong Sales Methodology

November 14, 2022

Creating and Understanding a strong sales methodology will help your team.

What is a Sales Methodology?

Most experienced salespeople follow the steps as they work through a sale. Whether it is a short or protracted sale, there are always activities or milestones that happen. By paying close attention to those steps and documenting them in your CRM system, you can establish your organizational methodology. For example, when you first get a lead, you must qualify it. Then, you learn what the prospect needs and decide if your offering will work. You present your solution and pricing, negotiate, and win the business. Here is an example:

Lead – Qualify – Needs Discovery – Solution Presentation  Proposal Presentation  Close

How does this help you win?

Let us work through the following examples to see how you can use your methodology to help your salespeople close more deals.

Bob is great and finding leads and new opportunities. He qualifies them to be sure he is not working on opportunities that do not fit your solutions. But, when you evaluated his pipeline in your CRM, you notice that he loses a lot of opportunities at the demo stage. By working closely with Bob on improving his demos, he begins to move many more deals past this stage and his sales (and commissions) increase.
Candice has exceptionally good qualifying, demo, and presentation skills. She understands objections handling and negotiations better than most, but she continues to miss her goals. Her CRM pipeline shows clearly that she needs to increase her prospecting activities. She needs more opportunities and by showing her the value of increasing her opportunities, you help her hit her goals and earn more money.

We are happy to help you plan and document your Sales Methodology in your D365 CRM solution and build a high performing team! Contact us today if you would like to speak with us about how to implement and utilize these strategies or to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can take your customer success to the next level.

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