Dynamics Business Central is Microsoft’s cloud ERP solution aimed at small and medium sized businesses
At Cowry Solutions, we are 100% focused on delivering Dynamics Business Central to smaller customers
With the LS Central product, we provide a retail and hospitality flavour to Dynamics Business Central

Lightning for Business Central TM

Lightning for Business Central TM consists of a number of packages that can be stitched together to meet your needs. We’ve found the clients love that approach because it means they’re only paying for what they need.

Once you’ve configured the packages, we’ll start the process, getting you up and running, trained-up and ready to go. We need to be straight with you though – there is work that only you can do. Cleaning up all those old customer records and defunct products is going to take some effort. So be prepared to earmark some time for that. For that reason, we tend to suggest that we don’t run your project at year end. You’ve enough to do!

We’d outgrown Sage50 and Cowry Solutions had us up and running with Business Central efficiently and at a lower cost than we could find with any other partner.

Our Approach

We’ve built a repeatable system – Lightning for Business Central – devised by some of the best industry experts, to rollout Dynamics Business Central to customers who need more than a simple accounting package. This system consists of:

A friendly and knowledgeable consultant to guide you through the process

Automated quick start setup of Business Central, based on your requirements

Data migration templates

Comprehensive training courses

We keep our costs low by doing our implementations remotely, but always using consultants based in your country.

Experts in Dynamics Business Central

Cowry Solutions was established to do one thing – deliver low cost, high quality Dynamics Business Central solutions to customers throughout the US and the UK. We come with no baggage, no side-tracks – just a really clear focus.

To meet that aim, we have brought together a team that lives and breathes Dynamics Business Central. And with every implementation that we do, Lightning for Business Central is honed to encompass our latest learnings.

And to offer more to our retail and hospitality customers, we add the LS Central layer onto Dynamics Business Central, offering in-store and ecommerce capabilities.