Fast-Track your CRM implementation with our proven methodology.

Preconfigured and cost-effective. Speedy time-to-value.

QuickStart is a service exclusively available from Cowry Solutions that accelerates your CRM implementation to give you the most value at an affordable price.

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Build a strong business with the right tools and habits for success.
Increase Sales
• Identify Prospective Buyers
• Anticipate Customer Needs
• Deliver Personalized Experiences
Optimize Pipelines
• Nurture Leads
• Accurate Sales Forecasting
• Leverage Customer Data
Manage Customers
• Lead Scoring Analytics
• Customer Retention
• Create Customer Loyalty
The Quickstart package has it all:
Optimized CRM
Preconfigured Streamlined CRM Functionality
Dedicated Advisor
Your dedicated advisor provides white-glove support
$1,500 for the first 30 days, including set up and training, then you decide how to proceed.
Flexible Terms
Start with 30 days, cancel anytime.
Multiple Users
Includes up to 3 users through our QuickStart package.
Plan for Success
After your first 30 days, your dedicated advisor will help create a plan with next steps for success.
Our proof of concept methodology gives you peace of mind.
Move your business forward with confidence utilizing our evidence-backed processes.
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