Public Sector

Government & Public Sector Management Consulting

Every day, states, cities, counties, and municipalities are being asked to meet the changing needs of their constituents.
However, they are challenged by internal inefficiencies, outdated technology, and short budgets.

Microsoft for Government Approach

Empowering governments with technology to help solve society's biggest challenges

Deliver innovation in programs and experiences

Innovative solutions to help make public interactions with government more accessible and inclusive.

Empower the government workforce

Improve employee engagement, streamline workflows, and uncover actionable insights across government.

Transform government operations and services

Achieve more resilient and sustainable operations.

Help secure government data and protect resources

Secure critical environments, protect data, and achieve compliance.

Government Sectors

Government Operations 

Deliver resilient and secure technology in a growingly connected world.


Reignite the economy and drive financial accountability.

Public Health & Social Services

Create opportunities for safety, wellness, and prosperity.

Public Safety
& Justice

Empower agencies, improve operations, and protect communities.

State and Local Packaged Solutions:

State and local government organizations can get closer to meeting the expectations of their constituents - with technology that is built for their needs and that can bring transformative efficiencies to departments.
More information can be found in our GCC blog here


Track applications, essential deadlines, awards, and payments in one place. Our solution will make approvals easy, deadlines clear, and data accessible. Create dashboards and program reports to monitor progress against budget goals.

Request Tracker

It is imperative for municipalities to prioritize the adoption of a solution that can streamline the FOIA request management process. Ultimately, building trust with your citizens and better serving their communities.

Municipalities Management

Streamline the interactions between local government organizations and their constituents with our centralized platform for managing and tracking aspects of citizen engagement, service requests, and communication channels.

Constituent Management

An invaluable all-in-one database solution for advocacy or membership-based not-for-profits to help track and manage an organization's interactions with its constituents and increase your organization's impact. Create reports and dashboards that enable analysis and summaries of raw data with actionable results. 

Government Community Cloud (GCC)

A robust suite of cloud-based services, including infrastructure, platform, and software as a service (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS). Microsoft created the GCC to help government agencies address their specific compliance, security, and data residency requirements while harnessing the full potential of cloud computing.

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