Maximizing Customer Success using Dynamics 365 CRM

Maximizing Customer Success using Dynamics 365 CRM

October 5, 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM provides an excellent platform to allow your businesses to stay connected with customers and is a great way to promote both your success and theirs. At 7Ones, we know that growing meaningful relationships with customers is crucial for proving excellent service. CRM will help you track customer key information, allowing you to be ready and present when they are in need.  

Track Customer Issues and Inquiries with Cases 

1Often customers need support or have questions. When this happens, use the Cases area within CRM to track new issues, and review past problems and how they were resolved. Keeping this information within CRM ensures that you see ALL the relevant data for your customers. You can also use Entitlements to quickly see what level of service your customers are eligible for, if applicable. All this information at your fingertips allows your responses to be fast, comprehensive and meaningful, which is essential for customer success.

Stay On Track with Business Process Flow

2The Business Process Flow (BPF) in Dynamics 365 CRM provides you with a visual tool of your company’s operational process, or processes, that helps you capture information at each stage of your engagement with your customers. This extremely helpful tool ensures you won’t forget critical steps and allows you to sort customer interactions based on their progress. Having a visual timeline for your process with your customer is a vital part of a successful customer relationship.

Outlook Together with Dynamics 365 

3Use Microsoft Outlook with Dynamics 365 to make tracking customer interactions easy. It allows you to track emails from Outlook to automatically post them inside Dynamics 365 entities timeline, so others can see every tracked email interaction across your company for a specific Contact or Account. Having a single place where all client communication and data can be managed makes it possible to get the right information to the right people. This includes lead data, call details, email history, meetings and appointments. Customer success relies on having 360 view, and using Outlook together with Dynamics is an essential part of that.

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