Management & Leadership Programme

Management & Leadership Programme

September 29, 2021

Pulling on the accredited training and coaching experience of Cowry’s Managing Director, Nigel Ridpath, alongside some top quality associates, Cowry Training Solutions is delighted to launch its Management & Leadership Programme.

Next cohort starting on 2/3 November 2021.

At the launch, Nigel commented, “I loved running this programme a few years back, and I’m still amazed at how so few managers have had any formal training. The programme is industry-agnostic and is a great chance to learn all of the core techniques and embed the skills for life.”

Management training that sticks

Have you ever been on training and the effects have not even lasted 3 months? We see it all too often. Our approach is to introduce new concepts in a slow, steady fashion and reinforce it on a regular basis with coaching. The Cowry Management & Leadership programme lasts 6 months and follows this structure.

Cowry Management Leadership Programme

Each cohort is facilitated by one of our expert trainers in Cowry’s training centre in Witney, Oxfordshire, with other trainers ‘guesting’ on areas of specialty. Over the six months, delegates will be held to account for practicing the skills learnt, with a rolling schedule of homework and real-world actions. We hold telephone reviews with the line manager of each delegate to ensure that the benefits of the training investment are being realised.

Topics covered in the programme

  • Defining Leadership Expectation
  • Leadership vs Management
  • Situational Leadership
  • Effective Delegation
  • Coaching Skills
  • Understanding Character Type
  • Managing Talent
  • The Perfect 1:1
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Successful Recruitment
  • Managing Change
  • Delivering Actionable Feedback
  • Dealing with Conflict
  • Performance Management & Career Conversations
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Building High-Performing Teams


The programme is priced at £2,995 per delegate. Managers of delegates can attend the bootcamp free of charge.

To discuss the programme in more detail contact Nigel Ridpath on 0333 023 5850 or at [email protected]

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