Knowledge Search Enhancements Improve Agent Productivity

Knowledge Search Enhancements Improve Agent Productivity

April 19, 2022

A comprehensive knowledge base that helps customer service reps and customers find answers to the most common issues quickly is key to improving agent productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. 

Dynamics 365 Customer Service 2022 release wave 1 introduces Dataverse search for Power Apps portals, an improved knowledge search experience in the Customer Service workspace with admin configuration, and richer analytics for managers.

These improvements and new features help you make sure your agents are productive, customers are happy, and brand loyalty is improved.

Use Dataverse search for knowledge base searches in Power Pages

With Dataverse search, knowledge bases in portals can take advantage of the same search service that model-driven apps use. Deliver fast and comprehensive search results, sorted by relevance, with filters such as modified date, rating, and products, and the ability to enforce content access levels.

Improved knowledge search experience in Customer Service workspace with admin configuration

With this release, knowledge administrators have more power to configure the knowledge search control in the app side pane (formerly known as the productivity pane) in the Customer Service workspace.

Administrators can configure automatic search (using text from a selected field to provide search results automatically) and actions that agents can perform on a record:

  • Link and unlink the article and the record
  • Copy the article URL
  • Link the article to the record and then send the article URL in an email
  • Link the article to the record and then send the article content in an email
  • Set the default email recipient for the record when sending the article URL or content in an email

Get insights with rich article analytics

Knowledge managers and authors can get greater insights on the knowledge articles they create. Knowledge authors must keep their knowledge bases relevant, accurate, and easy to access from different channels. The built-in historical view of knowledge article usage and related metrics helps knowledge authors and managers understand the effectiveness of knowledge content and identify opportunities for improvement.

Analytics include detailed reports that provide historical trends for key metrics, such as:

  • Number of views
  • Number of visitors
  • Average feedback rating
  • Number of links to cases
  • Number of shares

Next steps

To learn more about knowledge management in Dynamics 365 Customer Service, read the documentation:

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