We welcome Cowry’s newest member of staff – Tim Terreault

We welcome Cowry’s newest member of staff – Tim Terreault

July 12, 2021

Tell us a little about yourself and your new role.

My role is the newest US based employee of Cowry Solutions, to manage the implementation of LS Central/Retail and Business Central with our North American customers.  I have experience with multiple ERP systems, in multiple industries and multiple ERP implementation roles, including SME, BA and Functional Consultant.  I also have experience as a manufacturing buyer/planner, production manager and supply chain manager.


What were you doing before you joined Cowry Solutions?

Most recently I was employed by Aptean, working as a functional ERP consultant with their food industry specific BC product called Just Food.  


Why did you choose to join Cowry?

I got my start in manufacturing working for my mom, who had started her own business many years ago.  The company has since been sold, and it is currently a thriving business which still employs several people that I hired many, many years ago.  Cowry provides me with an opportunity to have a similar entrepreneurial experience.


What are you looking forward to?

I am excited to learn our Lightning approach to ERP implementation and to contribute to making the Cowry Lightning methodology best-in-class.


Tell us a little about what you like to do away from work.

I am an avid recreational baseball player.  I am currently on the roster of 5 different teams in the Southeastern New England area, and I frequently travel the US for competitive baseball tournaments.  I also love to SUP up and down the coast of Rhode Island and also on various spots on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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