6 Ways to Help Your Business Grow with Dynamics 365 CRM

6 Ways to Help Your Business Grow with Dynamics 365 CRM

April 5, 2022

Running a successful business is more challenging than ever. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and 7Ones help your business grow and stay organized like never before.

Do MORE With What You ALREADY OWN – Outlook

Using Outlook to manage your customers and relationships? With Dynamics 365 CRM and 7Ones, you can grow your current system and have easily searchable information at your fingertips.

  • Need to know who talked to a customer and when? DONE!
  • Want to run a quick check on your most important customers? DONE!
  • Dashboards and reports? DONE!

Better Understand Your Customer

In today’s customer-centric world, you must prove your value and worth. But how? 7Ones delivers tools that work out of the box to help you better understand and assist your customer and their specific needs, leading to more happy customers for you!

Automate Everything – Easily

There are many steps in the sales cycle, including identifying potential leads, making introductions, building a relationship, pitching your products or services, fulfilling orders, and following up. Sales automation helps streamline every step of the cycle, which gives you a quick, consolidated view of everything in your pipeline.

Centralize Your Data

Having a centralized view of everything you are working on turns a multi-step effort into a manageable experience. 7Ones and the Microsoft Dataverse database create a unified central database that includes all conversations, activities, sales and leads into one place – resulting in organized management.

Sales Status & Cycles – MANAGED!

For many small business owners, leads and customers are at very different stages of the cycle which can be difficult to track and manage. With 7Ones your sales cycles are well defined and easily understandable resulting in a clear roadmap for you.

Do EVEN MORE With What You ALREADY OWN – Teams

Work within Microsoft Teams to access your CRM data, including all conversations, files and documents. Seamless integration with Excel and Word allows for Microsoft Office tools to share data. Finally, using 7Ones tools such as WebToGoLead and QuoteToGoCustomer (included at NO ADDITIONAL COST), small business organizations can maximize their time and impact – spending more time growing their business.

Contact us today to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and 7Ones can help your business grow! https://www.7ones.com (213) 459-5858

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